Crack Your Code - A Basic Guide to Read Your Human Design Chart

A 9-week Human Design course taught by Talis, held and recorded 2023. In about 20 hours you will learn the basics of decoding your own Human Design chart.

Get access to the recorded lectures and to a private study group, including a 140 pages long student material pdf.

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Course Overview

course overview

Lesson 1: The Wheel of LifeIn our first meeting, we will dive into the origins of Human Design charts and how astrology plays a role in their calculation. This overview will explain the basic components that make up a chart, known as the Rave Mandala. We'll learn how to discern between the Personality and Design sides in a chart reading. Last but not least we will get an understanding of what those astrological symbols mean.Lesson 2: The 64 GatesBuilding on the Wheel of Life from our first session, we will take a closer look at the 64 Gates that comprise a chart. This lecture will analyze each gate and its potentials when defined. Students will gain a basic understanding of how gates manifest in an individual's personality traits and life path.Lesson 3: The 9 CentersSince gates occupy specific centers in a Human Design chart, each center expresses unique qualities and mechanics. In this lecture, we explore the effects of open vs defined centers and the attributes of all 9 centers, including the Head, Ajna, Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral, Spleen, Root, and G.Lesson 4: The Circuitry of LifeExpanding beyond individual gates and centers, this extended lecture illuminates how energy flows between connected centers through defined channels. Students will learn about the 3 distinct circuit groups and how alle the 36 channels shape individual expression.Lesson 5: The 4 AurasBuilding upon channel definition, we will outline the 4 types of channels (Manifested, Generative, Projected, and Reflected) and their unique energetic expressions or "auras." This lecture will detail how each aura influences personality, decision-making, and interaction style.Lesson 6: The 7 AuthoritiesThis class synthesizes previous coursework to demonstrate how defined channels enable correct decision-making as one's true self. We will outline the 7 ways that confer decision-making authority.Lesson 7: The 12 ProfilesHere we will delve deeper into the 12 Profiles that emerge from the sequence of defined centers. Students will learn the foundation of the 6 Profile lines and how to distinguish between different Profiles and their characteristics.Lesson 8: Beyond the LineReaching beyond the Profile line, this lecture will uncover advanced layers within the Human Design chart, including Color, Tone, and Variables. We'll see how these subtle elements provide further insight.Lesson 9: The Art of KeynotingTo conclude the course, we will synthesize all components covered into a cohesive practice of chart reading using logic and keynotes instead of interpretation. Students will learn to put the pieces together into an integrated narrative.

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Feedback from course participants

Cecilia Feedback

Cecilia, 4/1 Pure GeneratorI found the content incredibly enriching and profound, I enjoyed every class and fully recommend Talis as an excellent HDS teacher. Some classes were easier and others quite intense and more difficult, however I enjoyed the challenge and just hoped I could have taken more time to make good further use of the online support. I had some insights about myself that were very meaningful and useful.

Cecilia Feedback

Lila, 2/4 Emotional Manifesting GeneratorI found the course super interesting, and i really liked listening to Talis lectures, his presentations were very clear, with very pertinent examples, and here and there some very funny additions! It was easy to follow, even though the subject is very complex and deep, and i will want to go over it again and again... I would definitely do another course with him!

Cecilia Feedback

Sofia, 3/6 Self-Projected ProjectorI liked particularly to assist present. Talis, I also liked to witness your capacity, your talents, and ease & joy with them sharing naturally like a rich spring... Always very receptive, aware of us, course members... I learned something, yes... I like what I hear, see, feel, and experience... Also, it's long ago since I was sitting in a theory course... That's why I wish I could be able to assist the first three sessions in a course repetition, present, soon, hopefully. Because I got the value of it... Yes, the information is absolutely complete - text, video of the session, exercises... Well structured, clear and anschaulich dargestellt und vermittelt. Fascinating topic... Very intense and compact sessions... Full concentration is asked... I enjoyed the atmosphere... to have a common topic, to discover about ourselves and each other, the common sense with healthy curiosity... A plus was also that I knew & like 95% of the gang. Positivity of the whole and care... Very complex, asks for commitment... On the other hand, I like this particular challenge... Part of my HD experience. Thank you, Talis and all dear co-course members. Great key trip into what matters.

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